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KPBT-XT Amplified KeyPad 2nd Gen.

KPBT-XT 2nd Gen!! The new reality in tecnology to listen all your musics from your PenDrive, Sd Card or Bluetooth, directly from your SmartPhone. FM Radio is also available with the remote or with the keypad. Indicated for residences, stores, hotels, guesthouses, Corporate Enviroments or, places in need of a great stereo audio 50W (25+25) customized with Rock, Classic, Normal, POP and Jazz EQs.

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Music Express

Main Specifications

  • > Blue LCD Display
  • > The Music Express App allows total control of your KPBT through Bluetooth
  • > On the App you can control the Volume, Audio Source, Flash drive's musics, etc
  • > Installed in a 4x4 junction box with single depth
  • > Digital 50W RMS (25+25)(4/8 Ohms) power amplifier
  • > Line IN: 47 Kohm impedance
  • > BandWidth: 10Hz to 20 Khz - 3db
  • > Input for PenDrive with support to FAT 16 or 32
  • > Supports MP3,MP2,MP1 from 30 to 320kbps
  • > Bluetooth for an easy communication between Iphones, Ipads and other Bluetooth audio devices
  • > FM Radio
  • > Internal Line In input, to connect other audio sources, Ex. receiver, Cable, DVD, etc.
  • > IR emitter incorporated for an easy integration with the automation systems
  • > Lots of Equalizations, such as: Rock, Classic, Normal, POP, Jazz
  • > Come with a remote
  • > Keypad dimensions: 121(h) x 121(w) x 54(d) mm
  • > Keypad weigth: 135 g
  • > Power Supply dimensions: 37(h) x 87(w) x 91(d) mm
  • > Power Supply weigth: 115 g
  • > Operating Temperature: 0º to 50º C
  • > Power supply from 95 to 265Vca, full range

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